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    Close your eyes and imagine this. You are brought into this world by "mistake". Your mother is young, into drugs, and ill herself. She has made a lifetime of bad choices but she decides that she is going to make one good choice, and that is to let you live. You wonder your entire life, why? Why after all she did she decided to give me the gift of life when she didn't have to? But you can never ask her because right after you were born, she passed away. You were left with nothing, sick, and had almost no chance at a good life. But then two people step into your life, two unsuspecting angels who will change you and give you your chance. You are given a chance at life, but you still don't know your purpose. You were born premature and drug addicted, a little baby thrown into a spiraling world of unknowns and adventures far beyond your understanding. As you grow up you have to learn that just because your different, doesn't make you less of a person. Growing up as an African American child in a white family is hard, sometimes even embarrassing because you don't understand why, you just know this is your normal. Kids laugh, they ask questions, and they make you feel like your world isn't what it should be. But as you grow older you start to understand, things finally start to come into place and even though your life has been a crazy ride you are finally strapped in and ready to take it on full force. Then you wake up, you open your eyes and you realize, this isn't a story, this isn't a book, or a dramatic movie that you sit and eat popcorn while eating. This isn't a story you read in the paper about someone else, this is your life. Click here to continue reading.

Mikayla & Nora

Had a wonderful time today photographing two very lovely ladies! Ventured to a new location and totally fell in love.

Here are your previews Sweeney Family!

So much more then a job.

Isn’t it amazing how life keeps moving? Even when it seems like everything is spinning and things can come crashing down at any given moment, life just keeps rolling on. Sometimes it feels like I might never get a break from all the craziness. Why can’t my life just be put on pause? Between the hectic days and crazy schedules I find times that I wish I could mute, freeze, and keep reliving moment after moment. Moments where it feels like everything is perfect, still, and constant.

When I think of my passion for photography I can’t help but relate the two. My longing for that pause button, for that still moment is so much of why I love what I do. Life is crazy and it keeps moving, but in one snap I can capture a moment and forever put it on pause. It is a moment that can never be redone, the snapshot of a moment in time is forever remembered and cherished through a single photograph. I am honored to be able to capture not only my own moments in time, but also others. It is such a special feeling when someone asks me if I can be apart of their lives in such a special way. Photography is not a job for me, it’s a passion and a calling and something that has always be instilled in who I am. People ask me “How did you get into photography?” I simply answer, I didn’t get into photography, photography has always be in me.” I see people walking down the street or driving cars totally distracted on cell phones or chatting with others, totally missing out on the beauty and the moments right around them. I have always been so tuned into everything and everyone around me. Some people would call me “distracted”  I like to call myself lucky. Why? Because in the most ordinary of days I can find the most unique and beautiful moments. Everything around me is colorful, everyone around me inspires thoughts and ideas even from a simple smile or a passing “hello”. I see and feel the world around me at all times. To be able to bring these moments to a screen, a print, or a wall for others to enjoy and cherish is such an honor. Being able to give the gift of beauty for those who have a harder time finding it, is just so special. How could I ever consider what my heart yearns to do as just a job?

As my life moves on and continues to change, I am always so amazed to look back at the photos of myself. On the outside I have changed so much yet somehow I am still so much the same. Looking back at those photos brings me back, if only for a second, to a moment in time. My cares were different, my friends were different, my thoughts were different, but my spirit and my heart have never changed.

And so as life keeps moving, as my cares and problems change, as people continue to roll in and out of my life, and while my subjects may be different and my portraits reflect new times and moments- one thing won’t ever change; My passion and my love for what I do and how it blesses others. This world has so much beauty and so much joy that has yet to be captured and shared. I can hardly wait.